Our Impact

We are a non-profit founded in 20.. Committed to   equip and empower specific groups of marginalized Rwandan people to lift themselves out of poverty and hopelessness, to promote and uphold peace within the Rwandan communities that it serves, and all done in ways that bring honor to God.

Inclusive education

The goal of this program is to make education accessible to all children. Including those with special needs. We are committed to providing a wide range of educational services that meet the unique needs of all children.

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Improving social Economic wellbeing of people affected by poverty

GNPDR believes that in many places, more than one type of assistance is needed to help a community become sustainable. We want to promote improved livelihoods through formal, informal, and vocational education for sustainable development.

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Prison Rehabilitation and Crimes prevention

The Rehabilitation and Crime Prevention Program aims to ensure that inmates have the education, vocational training and life skills they need to be successful after release and reduce the risk of future crimes.

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Call: +250 788 530 984
Monday-Friday (8am-5pm)

Email: info@goodnewsrwanda.org.rw
Web: www.goodnewsrwanda.com

Kigali, Rwanda

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